Is this workshop suitable for all levels?

This workshop facilitates all levels of creativity. Designed to get you into your State of Flow. This space is an environment to explore and expand on the idea of creativity, be that through movement, writing or painting. If you have any personal questions relating to your suitability, reach out, lets chat about it!

Whats included and what do I need to bring?

All yoga mats and props are supplied, aswell as all painting and drawing equipment. Please bring along with you: - An open mind - Comfortable clothes to move in - A journal or notepad and pen - Suitable clothes to paint in which you don't mind getting dirty!

What if I 'can't' paint and I 'can't' touch my toes?

Then this workshop is perfect for you! The process of being in flow is not about mastering the activity itself, but rather the state of mind we can enter when performing that activity and how we can release all forms of expectation as a result of the activity.