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Glen Haven Area Volunteer Fire Department ISO rating

The ISO rating for residents in the Glen Haven Area is 6/6X.  Structures within 1000 ft of a water source such as a underground cistern or draft point are 6, while all others are 6X.

How the ISO PPC Program Works​

ISO PPC Ratings are on a scale of 1 to 10.  Class 1 represents exemplary fire protection; Class 10 indicates that the area’s fire-suppression program does not meet ISO’s minimum criteria.  Criteria include:Most U.S. insurers of home and business properties use ISO’s PPC in calculating premiums. In general, the price of insurance in a community with a good PPC is lower than in a community with a poor PPC, assuming all other factors are equal.

A community’s PPC depends on:

  • emergency communications systems, including facilities for the public to report fires, staffing, training, certification of telecommunicators, and facilities for dispatching fire departments

  • the fire department, including equipment, staffing, training, and geographic deployment of fire companies

  • the water supply system, including the inspection and flow testing of hydrants and a careful evaluation of the amount of available water compared with the amount needed to suppress fires

  • community efforts to reduce the risk of fire, including fire prevention codes and enforcement, public fire safety education, and fire investigation programs

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